Monday, August 16, 2010


Haven't heard from HUD since the investigator came to pick up my binder.  He did say that he is working on a few different cases and that he needed to speak with a few people from Nationstar, including the woman who made the inflammatory comment that I couldn't make my house payment on disability income [which was bs since I'd been making more than double the amount for three years prior on disability income]!

I am utterly burned out by this case and all that surrounds it.  I keep paying my payment every month and am flabbergasted that Nationstar has STILL not provided me with a closing statement, nor have they provided me with any type of completed, corrected documents.  They have not called me and any calls to them are not returned.

I soooooo enjoy big business and, even more, people who blame the current administration for the foreclosure crisis' continuing problem.  Really?  Are their eyes closed?  I wish my blog was read by more people but, even more, that the information contained within was more readily available and more publicized.  But, historically, the banking industry has controlled much of everything in the world, including wars.

Hopeful that this will all be over soon. I'm ready for peace.