Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Consistency and Follow-Through

Sunday I worked through the night on my binder.  I am supposed to get together with the HUD investigator sometime this week and hand it off to him and I want to assure that the binder is pristine.  Quite frankly, despite the fact that I know that it is well-prepared, I am stressed out.  What made it worse was that someone close to me was browsing through the binder while I was printing some supporting documents and began peppering me with questions.  I don't know if the person is just slow or I wasn't making myself clear but then, how difficult is it to comprehend the following:  "I have not yet received the corrected loan modification documents."  "I didn't just stop making payments to GMAC.  I had a true hardship and made attempts to make a partial payment for one month but was refused.  The next month GMAC refused, and then the next month.  After three months of missed payments, I received a notice of foreclosure." ?  So, all day I have been more and more stressed and, now, am working on my second all-nighter in a row. Thankfully, I know that, despite my stress level, my past actions of consistency and follow-through will tide me over until I'm feeling normal again. 

There is a difference between consistency and follow-through, in case you're scratching your head in wonder.  Documenting your calls and placing your paperwork in a binder on a regular basis is consistency.  Follow-through is making that phone call tomorrow to the loan servicer or escrow account manager; leaving a message if need be, and then calling again the next day if they don't return your call.


  • grab a pencil and paper
  • draw a line down the middle
    • consistency/follow-through
  • list the things in your life that you do well under each [are you a promise keeper? that is follow-through!] 
  • on the other side of the paper, make the same columns
  • list ONE or TWO things that you would like to improve upon in your life
  • keep that list with you and/or in a place where you can see it every morning before you start your day [bathroom mirror is great!]
Give yourself some positive reinforcement.  This is a difficult time in your life!  The self-assessment of your positives is your daily "pat on the back."  The second list is a reminder to yourself that you have a goal.  Soon, although you won't actually have that piece of paper in front of you 24/7, your subconscious will be processing your goal and devising ways to help you reach it.

Peace, all.

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